Marli Blackman and Associates Events stands out as the premier event-to-brand marketing company that truly comprehends the significance of one-on-one event marketing. We specialize in crafting tailored marketing event experiences that go above and beyond. Our expertise lies in seamlessly aligning events with your brand’s essence. At times, direct engagement with your target audience is indispensable. Consider turning your business into a venue to connect with prospective clients over a delightful evening featuring wine, a flair bartender, gourmet cuisine, a live-action chef, and entertainment. Show your team, products, and services up close and personal.

Building relationships is the heart of successful business transactions. Let’s not just do business; make friends and drive profits. But it doesn’t end there; imagine elevating your team’s morale by treating them like the Very Important Employees (VIEs) they are with exceptional events tailored exclusively to them. This is far from your typical company picnic or holiday function.

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Our adaptable model at Marli Blackman and Associates caters to companies of all sizes at any moment and with a budget that suits your needs. We have a knack for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary, leaving a lasting impression on anyone we aim to dazzle while boosting your bottom line.

Our boutique and upscale team comprise 7 Chefs, 7 Servers, and seven seasoned Marketing Event Planners, ready to swing into action with only a 24-hour notice. From the meticulous curation of your guest list to orchestrating an unforgettable culinary and entertainment experience, we manage every detail from start to finish. Your team can sit back and unwind while we take care of everything. Your sole task is to lift the pen to sign the agreement and the check. We don’t make empty claims; our exceptional service has garnered praise from a roster of satisfied clients.